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Okay, how much is it?

Tickets for our events start from as little as £10 and you can expect to meet some incredible like-minded people


So how do your Flow dating events work?

Everyone will be sat at a table for two where you will date the person across from you for four minutes.

After the four minutes is up, a whistle will sound, marking the end of the date.
We admit it, Four minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time to chat with someone but trust us it is spot on.
Four minutes is long enough for you to get a general vibe about each other while still leaving you intrigued, and (hopefully!) your mini-dates will leave you wanting to spend more time with them! Well that’s the plan, isn’t it?!
The women remain seated and the men then pay their respects and move to the next date, until everyone has completed their dates & there you have it!


Am I guaranteed to find a partner?

While we provide an environment for single people to meet and mingle, we cannot guarantee that everybody will find a partner. However, we encourage you to make the most of the event and only then would you be able to find a potential partner.


So how do I buy a ticket?

We also sell our tickets on event ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite and Shoobs. Simply find the event you’re interested in on our events tab and book your ticket online.


Are you good with safety and security?

We are very passionate about the safety and security of anyone who attends our events. If anyone at our events feels unsafe or threatened by another attendee, we will ensure that the matter is dealt with straight away.


Where are your events held?

We host our events exclusively in The City of London; from chic bars to unique venues we have it covered!

Do you host non-single events?

Of course! While we cater to events that strictly target single people, we also host social events that cater to everybody.

They include:


#CITYNIGHTS: #CityNights is an exclusive networking event set in the heart of The City of London, created by the Kickback to bridge the gap between Black professionals in the UK. Combining traditional networking with forms of social networking and fun activities, #CITYNIGHTS aims to create a fun and interesting atmosphere for all attendees.

#PlayHOUSE;  The Adult Games Experience. This fully hosted monthly event takes game nights to a whole new level, with a fully equipped host that gets the entire room involved. With drinking games, the hottest Hip Hop, Bashment and Afrobeats and some serious fun challenges we have something for everybody.


Theme Nights : We've done it all from Bowling Nights to Themed events. Our theme parties are always a popular attraction; from a 007 Theme Party to the Harlem Renaissance x Gatsby Party, we spare no expense in creating an atmosphere that brings your imagination to life. 


What is your refund policy?

We have s strict no refunds or exchange policy. In the unfortunate circumstance that we must cancel an event, we will offer an immediate refund to all attendees. 

What is the average age of people who attend your events?

The average age of our attendees ranges from 23 to 36.


I am running late to an event, can I still attend?

If you fail to notify us at least 5 hours before the event that you might be running late, we have the power to turn you away on arrival.

As we strive to ensure attendees do not have to experience long hours of waiting, we aim to start and finish on time.

No exceptions for refunds will be given.


I’m coming alone, is that OK?

That’s perfectly fine, most of our guests tend to come alone and leave with new friends. We have a range of events that allow our guests to unwind and mingle.

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